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Services & Price Listing

ESRS has state-of-the-art facilities for image processing (ENVI, PCI), GIS applications (ArcGIS), groundwater flow modeling (GMS), and rainfall runoff modeling (WMS, SWAT). The fees for such applications are as follows:

Provided by ESRS Personnel

Provided By User

Computer Time $30/hr $10/hr
Image Processing $30/hr $10/hr
Gis Applications $30/hr $10/hr
Modeling $50/hr $10/hr

ESRS has expertise constructing and launching web-based GIS using ArcGIS Server services. Fees for such applications include:

Launching a New Site $2000-5000
Hosting 1 TB of Data $500/month

Extraction of precipitation (TRMM) 3-hourly data (1998-2015), SSMI 4-hourly data (1987-present)

1×1 Degree $1000
3×3 Degree $2000
6×6 Degree $3000
>6x6Degree Consult with ESRS

Extraction, pre-processing and post-processing for AVHRR, MODIS, AMSR-E, QuickSCAT

Number of images


10 $100
11-50 $1000
51-200 $2000
201-500 $3000
>500 Consult with ESRS

ESRS has an A0 color scanner and an A0 color printer. Fees for using these are as follows:

Provided by ESRS Personnel

Provided By User

A0 Scan $50/scan $25/scan
A0 Print $50/print $25/print

ESRS Training Courses (click here for detailed information)

Course Title


Price/week ($US; Single Person)

Price/week ($US; 2-5 Persons)

Geologic & Environmental Remote Sensing Course 2/4 Weeks 2000 5000
Hydrogeology Field Course* 6 Weeks 2000 5000
Remote Sensing Digital Image Processing & Applications 2/4 Weeks 2000 5000
Rainfall-Runoff Modeling using SWAT 2/4 Weeks 2000 5000
Introduction to Groundwater Modeling 2/4 Weeks 2000 5000
Applications of Geographic Information Systems in Hydrogeology 2/4 Weeks 2000 5000
Application of Geochemistry in Hydrogeology 2/3 Weeks 2000 5000
Computer Science Applications in Hydrogeology 1/2 Weeks 2000 5000
GRACE: A Tool for Monitoring Hydrogelogy 2/4 Weeks 2000 5000
Radar Interferometry for Environmental & Hydrogeologic Applications 2/4 Weeks 2000 5000
Applications of Remote Sensing in Aquatic Environmental Sciences 1/2 Weeks 2000 5000
Participation in ongoing projects** 1 Week 1000 2500

* Each unit is for 1 week. Students can take as many as they need; Also, please examine the information on our hydrofield camp on our departmental website:

** As part of the training the students can participate in all ongoing projects of their selection and for the period of their choice

***Two versions are available for each of the courses: condensed form/full course

N.B.: An addition $500/student/week for accommodation expenses (if required by student) on or off campus

Quadcopter based Photogrammetry. (3d model, dem and orthophoto generation.)

The ESRS Lab can use a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ to fly over an area and create a 3d model, dem and orthophoto of the region. This service is only availible for projects of mutual interest to the user and the ESRS Lab

For more information on this service please contact the ESRS Lab

Here is an example of a 3d model which the ESRS Lab has created. This model covers part of the WMU campus.


N.B.: The service fees for any of the listed tasks/products include (50% of fees) the expenses (effort/material) entailed in upgrading and maintaining the ESRS file servers, server hardware, workstations, lab software and hardware, operating systems, databases, and backups.