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ESRS Group 2021


A new publication, “Crustal Structure of the Nile Delta: Interpretation of Seismic-Constrained satellite-Based Gravity Data” by Soha Hassan, Mohamed Sultan, Mohamed Sobh, Mohamed S. Elhebiry, Khaled Zahran, Abdelaziz Abdeldayem, Elsayed Issawy, and Samir Kamh was accepted in the Remote Sensing Journal. https://doi.org/10.3390/rs13101934

In 2020 the ESRS graduated four Ph.D. candidates. A big congratulations to Hossein Sahour, Fahad Alshehri, Karem Abdelmohsen, Hannah G. Pankratz who all successfully defended their dissertations and graduated throughout the 2020 academic year!

A new publication, “Countrywide monitoring of ground deformation using InSAR time series: a case study from Qatar” by Mustafa Kemal Emil, Mohamed Sultan, Khaled Alakhras, Guzalay Sataer, Sabreen Gozi, Mohammed Al-Marri, and Esayas Gebremichael was accepted in the Remote Sensing Journal. https://doi.org/10.3390/rs13040702