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Bouguer Gravity Anomaly (Contours) over Topography of Sinai and the Eastern Desert of Egypt.

In August 2004, Dr. Sultan joined the faculty of Western Michigan’s Department of Geosciences as chairman. Using startup funds from WMU, Sultan and his research team developed a state of the art computation and remote sensing facility, Earth Sciences Remote Sensing (ESRS). The newly-developed Earth Sciences Remote Sensing (ESRS) facility is being used for conducting remote sensing analysis and geographic information system (GIS) applications, as well as development and distribution of geologic, hydrologic and natural hazards databases.

Average Annual Rainfall (mm) over Egypt.
Scientists of the ESRS apply an interdisciplinary research approach that takes advantage of the available tools and disciplines (e.g., remote sensing, GIS, geochemistry, geochronology, hydrology, surface runoff and groundwater flow modeling, field geology, etc.) to address a wide range of complex geological and environmental problems.

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