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We are using temporal satellite radar data to measure the spatial and temporal variations in subsidence rates across the entire Delta, identify the nature of the factors controlling modern subsidence, and predict the Delta response to these forcing factors over the next century.  The interplay between natural and anthropogenic parameters controls subsidence rates and determines […]

We are proposing to investigate the paleo-hydrologic setting of the previous wet climatic periods across the Empty Quarter. This will be enabled through the integration of observations collected in the field and others extracted from remotely acquired data including: (1) distribution of paleolakes from Landsat images, (2) distribution of paleo-stream networks from radar images, and […]

We are developing and applying an interdisciplinary system approach involving analysis of GRACE, remote sensing, and relevant data sets (e.g., stream flow) along with hydrologic modeling to accomplish the following: (1) develop quantitative macro-scale hydrologic distributed grid models (grid size: 0.5° x 0.5°) for the African continent that can account for vertical and lateral mass […]